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Strong Advocacy After A Pedestrian Or Bicycle Accident

More Americans are saving money on gas and being environmentally conscious by riding bicycles and walking. They’re also becoming a growing statistic to reckless drivers.

“It’s almost never the cyclist’s fault, and they tend to get pretty significantly injured,” Dallas attorney Jason January says. “We see a lot of serious injuries including those to a wrist, arm and unfortunately sometimes brain injuries from hitting their head — even if the victim was wearing a helmet.”

Asserting Your Rights After A Pedestrian Or Bike Accident

Yes, It’s a car culture. And in an accident, many claim there’s a sense a car can do no wrong… it’s his road, he’s bigger, and it’s the cyclist or pedestrian’s fault if they didn’t yield. Not true. Sharing the road means just that.

Also, many people are under the misconception that there has to be physical contact between a cyclist and a motor vehicle for the motorist to be liable. This is not always true. There are many situations where cyclists are injured when they take evasive action to avoid being hit and crash as a result. The motorist can possibly still be held liable if their negligence required the cyclist to take the evasive action.

Pedestrians obeying all crossing, intersection and sidewalk laws can also become victims. Cars jumping curbs, high-speed chases and police pursuits are just some of the dangers out there and the type of cases The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C., will pursue… and win! It’s dangerous out there, and you have your rights.

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