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An Attorney Who Helps Crime Victims Seek Proper Compensation

Some accidents resulting in personal injury cases cross the line into criminal activity, especially if death is involved.

Broken laws, DUIs, DWIs (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and driving while intoxicated) by the other party are very serious and have criminal consequences.

Attorney Jason January is a former Dallas County prosecutor who has handled many cases in both the civil and criminal courts.

What Are The Circumstances Of Your Case?

There are many times when a drunk or careless driver has no insurance, potentially leaving the injured victim without a way to pay for any damages including medical care and lost wages. In some of these instances, the The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C., can help the victims apply for and receive Crime Victim’s Compensation through the attorney general’s office and/or restitution through the criminal court case.

These compensation sources apply to other types of cases as well. These cases include sex offenses, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, assault offenses, arson, homicide and other violent crimes in which the victim suffers physical or emotional harm or death.

The following motor vehicle-related crimes are also covered by Crime Victim’s Compensation: Failure to Stop and Render Aid, DWI, Manslaughter, Criminally Negligent Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Intoxication Manslaughter and Intoxication Assault.

Helping You Navigate The System

Even if crime victim’s compensation is not necessary (because the negligent person or company had enough insurance coverage), the The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C., can help victims properly navigate and understand the complications of being a victim in both the criminal and civil justice systems at the same time.

Jason January will put his many years of experience as both a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office and a trial lawyer representing injured parties in civil court to use in helping people and their families in these tough situations.

With Jason January on your side, his over 25 years of trial law experience in Texas will help displace the confusion and calm the fear of being caught up in this most unfortunate situation.

Taking Action

Compassion. Competence. Caring. That’s what you get in both civil and criminal courts with The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C.

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