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If you or your loved one was in a personal injury accident, obtain experienced legal help. Insurance companies are often quick to try and settle a personal injury case without addressing accident victims’ current and long-term medical needs. A highly skilled personal injury attorney will help secure your legal rights and push back against any low-ball insurance offers.

Dallas Attorney Addresses Clients’ Personal Injury Questions

For more than 25 years, personal injury attorney Jason January has practiced in the local court system. He understands the potential concerns and questions you likely have after enduring a personal injury accident. For experienced advocacy and legal counsel, contact our Dallas, Texas, law firm to schedule a free initial consultation. Attorney January is committed to guiding you through the legal system, while working vigorously to secure your legal rights.

How Do I Know if I Have A Personal Injury Case?

If you believe you were injured from someone else’s negligent actions, you likely have a personal injury case. Every situation is fact specific. Personal injury claims can be pursued against property owners, motorists, medical professionals and even companies for causing preventable damage. At the The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C., we offer free initial consultations to examine the facts of your case and determine if your situation warrants legal action.

Do I Need to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

Many law firms may dabble in personal injury, but we recommend that you work with an attorney focused on protecting accident victims’ rights. Personal injury is a highly complicated area of the law. In some circumstances, more than one party may be at fault for causing a catastrophic or life-threatening accident.

An attorney who does not focus on personal injury law may overlook potential sources of liability, ultimately limiting accident victims’ chances for financial relief. Insurance companies are also more likely to make large settlement offers when attorneys have the skills and legal resources to prove fault and the extent of damages in trial.

At the The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C., we recommend obtaining experienced legal help immediately following a personal injury accident. Timing can make all the difference in a personal injury case. Our legal team acts quickly to investigate the cause of serious and life-threatening accidents before critical evidence begins to disappear.

Insurance companies typically respond right away collecting as much evidence as possible to try and limit any potential legal or financial liabilities. We overcome this challenge through wasting no time conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of the personal injury accident.

What Type Of Compensation Can I Expect To Recover?

Everyone is affected differently from personal injury accidents. Our law firm has access to industry-leading experts who help us understand the extent of damages associated with personal injury accidents. We work with medical specialists to determine how much medical care you will need, including rehabilitative care or surgical expenses. We also have the resources to consult vocational experts, if an injury has affected your ability to maintain your livelihood. Based on your individual situation you may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • On-going medical expenses related to the accident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and mental damage

Contact Our Firm’s Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

To speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer about your case, contact the The Law Offices of Jason January, P.C., for a free initial consultation. We are committed to representing clients throughout North Texas, including Fort Worth, Tarrant County and Collin County.

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