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Why Jason January?

My wife was in a head-on collision with my daughter and two of her friends on their way to a high school volleyball practice. She was hit head on by a commercial truck which crossed into the wrong side of traffic driving recklessly and caused very serious injuries which effected her ability to continue working.

As such a tragedy unfolds, I needed help but who? The phonebook and web are full of attorneys. Radio and TV ads often brag about caring, desire to help, but in my experience, the best reference are from people you know. People who have gone through a tragedy needing honesty, trust and thoroughness. Being a little league coach, a player’s parent told me of Jason January. I had already consulted a couple other attorneys almost desperate to represent me. For my family’s sake, I wanted the best I could find and it was Jason after long discussions.

The legal process is slow and full of paper work. Jason’s experience and knowledge of the law and all his investigation was paramount. It’s not just about winning a settlement or getting the maximum amount possible. He helped with many other engagements I didn’t know were necessary like hospital negotiations, disability insurance, trust fund creation, trust fund disbursement and assisted with other battles. All engagements I could defer to Jason so I could focus on my family and healing.

A friend gave me a great gift with a reference to Jason January. I’m passing that gift to you if you are reading this. I’m even open to you contacting me if you want more information. It boils down to character and results. I found both of these qualities in him and I know you will too.


[email protected]

Dear Ms. Bragg,

My name is Alison and a little over a year ago I was hit by a drunk driver. I contacted you to get information on how I could find out if I even had a case or not. You were kind enough to send a list of attorneys and I decided to contact Jason January. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in finding representation. Over the past year he has been nothing but a godsend!

Jump to July 25, 2001. While at work I received a phone call from a friend saying that my sister had been in a car accident and that she was in critical condition. I called Jason January.

He was so supportive, kind, caring and compassionate through this whole ordeal. He took the time to speak with my mother and my other sister (on many occasions) about what kind of case there might be, but most of all he was realistic. He really helped guide my family in the right direction.

Susan, I would like to thank you for recommending Jason January to me–I honestly would have been nowhere without him! Jason treated me with respect the whole way through. One thing really sticks out in my mind-when I first met him he told me that he was dedicated to helping people that were truly victims and would otherwise have no recourse. He is definitely a man of his word.

I hope you will recommend him more often to people who end up in situations similar to mine. As I’m sure you already know, you are turning people over to one excellent attorney! I can’t thank you enough.

Dallas, Texas

I was 8 months pregnant when I was involved in a rear end collision. The accident resulted in the emergency, premature delivery of my daughter. We were informed by the opposing insurance company that everything would be taken care of, but after a year of trying to deal with the opposing insurance company, and getting nowhere, we sought the help of a personal injury attorney, Jason January.

Jason was very supportive and straight forward with me and my family about what to expect in pursuing legal action against the opposing insurance company. He was very persistent in working with the opposing adjuster and was able to prevent a lengthy trial by persuading them to settle the case.

Without Jason’s guidance and service to me and my family, my daughter and I would have not gotten the resolution and settlement to our injury claims. I would strongly recommend Jason to anyone who is faced with the need for legal help involving any personal injury case.

Cheryl F.

What is life if you don’t have the loved one? But more important, who will it be your voice in this Earth to make justice when you are passing through a terrible experience? Then I found Jason January and Jerry Andrews. Thanks to God for this! They are very, very professional, excellent attorneys, really compassionate; all the time I needed to see them, they treat me patiently, with kindness and respect. They used their time, gave their best effort to handle my case and they and their staff did an extraordinary job! That’s why I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone in need of trustworthy attorneys”. Once again, thank you very much!


En Espanol

Qu es la vida cuando no esta el ser amado? Ms an: quin puede ser la voz que hable por ti en esta tierra y que de esta forma te haga justicia y as ayude a calmar el dolor terrible en medio de una experiencia amarga? Gracias a Dios encontr a Jason January y Jerry Andrew. Excelentes abogados, muy profesionales, realmente compasivos; cada vez que tena que consultarlos, me trataron con gran paciencia, amabilidad y mucho respeto. Ellos dieron su tiempo, su mejor esfuerzo para lidiar con mi caso; tanto ellos como su personal hicieron un trabajo extraordinario. Esta es la razn por la que yo no dudara en recomendarlos a quienquiera que estuviera necesitado de abogados confiables. Una vez ms, muchas, muchas gracias!